Guru Devanla

What I do now

I work as a Senior Software Engineer at a financial research firm. I have a great interest in Haskell and I spend most of my free time learning all things Haskell related. I was previously a PhD candidate at University of Illinois, Chicago working with Prof. Grechanik. My research interests are devising ways for automatic test generation, static analysis, machine learning techniques applied to software engineering research.


Extensive experience building enterprise tools and leading teams at Deloitte Consulting, Morgan Stanley and Exelon. Some examples would include an DSL for data analysis at Exelon, high-performance quantitative analysis tools at Morgan Stanley, large scale enteprise application used by state of Pennsylvania, scheduling system for National Center for Data Mining, to name a few I am proud of. I have also worked with startups building robust and scalable products. I recently was part of the platform team at Sprout Social which is a great place to work! I have also managed distributed teams and held leadership roles in many projects over past 13 years.

I have also contributed to Sympy at part of GSOC 2012 where I extended the quantum module to support density operators and related computation. You can read all about it here.


Expert Python programmer, but also delivered products in Java and C# in the past. I use a good mix of Java, Python and Clojure in my research. I look forward to building Haskell based products.

Open source contributions

Research Projects/Publications


Other Interests

SO lurker, Running, Reading (mostly non-fiction), Long road-trips and of course coming up with innovative ways to keep my children busy.